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 The Right Security System

    With the increase in crime, it has become important for every home to have a good security system to keep your family safe. A security system is also used at workplaces to protect the office or business from vandalism and theft. A security system consist of a control panel that acts like a central computer. This central system constanly receives messages from sensors, which are placed around the house or business and act as the "eyes" and "ears" of the system. If the central system receives a signal that something is wrong when the security system is active, it automatically dials our central Monitoring Station through a telephone, Internet or cellular system. Our central Station are spread over the country and are manned 24 hours a day to ensure your total security. The person at the Central Monitoring Station who receives the message from your security system will then alert the proper authorities.

 Video Surveillance For Your Business/Home Security System 

   The centerpiece of our product line is the latest in Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology. We are your single-source solution for all CCTV & security camera equipment and video surveillance needs, offering an array of supporting products such as cameras, cables, monitors, connectors, and much more.

     If you’re looking for a good business/home security system with video surveillance that will last for a long time, you need to strike the right balance between technology and usability. Choosing CCTV & security camera equipment with a lot of features that you will seldom use isn’t the best choice for you. Also, it is important to remember that both security needs and technology can change rapidly. Try to get a CCTV & security camera surveillance home security system that works together as a system.  

   We have made our home security system for surveillance completely scalable so that you don’t have to replace your existing equipment every time you need a new feature or you want to upgrade one component of your system.  At Hitech Locks and security, we have made your security our business. It is all we do and you can be sure that we do it well. When you buy your CCTV security system equipment from us, you know you are buying from the best. We expect you to expect superior quality products at HiTech Locks and Security and we try hard to live up to our reputation of being the best.

  Access Control

    Today, security – personal, logical and physical, is more top of mind than ever. End users from Home Owners to small business owners to enterprise security officers are more aware of their security needs than before and are realizing that electronic access control is central to managing security better. Whether you have a Home, a small strip mall, a church, a school or a medium-sized office building – controlling access to the facility is a critical component of managing risk today.

    We provide access control solutions to keep your premises secure and to provide you the tools to easily manage access and record the activity at your home or office. Our access control systems are customized to the needs of your organization and are focused on providing you a simple, flexible way to control, manage, track and document access control events. Please contact us via email or by calling 770-498-8744 for more information on how we can provide you with an effective access control system for your organization and a FREE security evaluation.