HiTech Locks and Security Has provided vital electronics security products and services to residential, commercial and industrial markets. We engineer and integrate innovative products that span networked digital video,access control, wireless/wired security systems and electronic article surveillance. 

 Mission Statement

 HiTech locks and Security believes our success depends upon providing cost-effective, efficients solutions on a comprehensives scale - beginning with a desire to understand the need, carrying through the sales phase, and finishing with subsequent on-going support to every client and customer. To successfully meet this mission, HiTech Locks and Security is founded upon two primary principles:

Superior Equipment with Solution-Oriented Features - We believe that the foundation of our reputation with our customers is based upon being the best equipment supplier and service in our industry. To achieve this we will consistently provide precision-engineered, quality products that meet or exceed the requirement of our customers. We will also unfailingly listen to our customers need and always engineer products and solutions that address and fulfill those needs.

Excellent Customer service at the Maximun Level - We believe that the foundation of our relationship with our clients and customers is based upon providing caring customer service throughout the entire purchasing process, from the initial design concept to beyond installation of the ideal solution. To achieve this we will submit clear, open, honest communication, both within the company, and with every one of our customers. We will always provide timely and effective, outstanding technical support - both proactive and reactive - for every customers needs.